It has come to my attention that a number of the download links are not working. Rest assured the files are not missing, the links are just broken. I will be in the process of repairing these links, however in the mean time if you discover a file you would like to download but the link is not working please e-mail me and I will provide a working download link.

Welcome to Forge Productions!

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{Insert Tali'zorah Here}

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. To my friends online I am Inyri. To my friends offline I’m Melissa. I’ve been modding a variety of video games since 2004, when I quit playing Star Wars Galaxies, and I’ve been making game modifications ever since. All of the mods I have officially released can be located here, so start browsing by clicking the Mod Directory page at the top of the page.

Check the navigation to the right to check my mods or to see updates on my projects. I may not be modding as actively any more but every now and then I do get the itch to do some modding work, whether it’s making a model, doing some texture art, even just something artistic.

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Geth Trooper

All mods have been moved to local hosting and I will not be releasing them on third-party sites in the future. Use this as your #1 source for my work. Please don’t ask me — I will not be submitting any work to GameFront, ModDB, GameInformer, or any other sites I do not have any personal control over.

Fileinfo pages are in the process of being converted from the old site to the new site. Even though they are not complete, I am happy to report that you will no longer have to search around for them. Any pages that are not yet updated will have the old page linked to right from the mod listings. Remember, any mod updates will be hosted here and JKHub ONLY! I also do intend to update some of my older mods, so keep an eye out!

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